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Eco-Ride (Digital Mix) by SlytherclawPadawan Eco-Ride (Digital Mix) by SlytherclawPadawan
Now this is the entry for "Earth Day" contest by Flita:

JUDGING -500 watchers contestHi, everyone! I know at the moment I only have 480 watchers but I had to do this contest now before Earth Day because the earth needs our help.
Please don't click away just yet, there will be prizes at the end!
  I know that a lot of people want to be ignorant about these things (me included sometimes) because what we don't know won't hurt us, right? So wrong. The earth is our home, we should all care about it and want to do whatever we can to help solve problems in it. I could spend this journal explaining to you about global warming, dying polar bears, and the production of harmful chemicals and plastics but we already know about these things. The problem here is that we spend so much of our time educating the public about the problems (which, -don't get me wrong- is a good thing) but we forget to mention everyday solutions to these problems.
That's where you come in. I am holding an art contest in celebration of Earth Day and there are some

The journal entry:

Eco-Ride! - Earth Day Contest EntrySo I'm joining a contest by Flita:

And here's my art:

The "OC" is simply me, doing anything I want to do - in this case riding all the way through Paris!  ;P
I think it's no brainer as to why preserving the planet is important: well, we happen to live here. And just like taking care of your home will determine your life (health) quality, same with taking care of the Earth. One thing why many people still not aware of it is because sometimes we don't see the cause and effect in short time, some dire consequences or disaster would just appear much later when all results of ignorance were accumulated. 
Now what do I personally do in terms of preserving this planet? I guess like some others I've still got some not-so-ecofriendly habits like using chemicals in everyday life (soap, detergent, etc), but at least one thing I can do is to reduce the air pollution by using electric bicycle as everyday tran

This, along with the journal are also an entry for Contest-Contest by Contest-Office:

P.I.C.- Contest the 15th! (points + art prize) Our 15th Participate-in-Contests-Contest :dance:
Ever wanted to be rewarded for participating in contests?
Now its your turn!

:trophy: What do you have to do?
This Contest is about entering as much as possible Contests :D
Create entries for them and you can also enter this contest.
The more the better! Make them happy with your work :D
We've got a lot of Contests in our Galleries - I bet there's something for you too :)
:bulletblue: Deviant's contests
:bulletblue: Other groups' contests
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:bulletblue: And please take a look at the featured contests down below ;) (gives bonus point)
Link me to your entries in the comments :)
:trophy: Rules - read carefully
- Fav this journal :3
- Link the origin

Drawing pen, markers, pencils on paper + Photoshop.


Stocks used:

Romantic Vintage Garden High Res Photoshop Brushes by iCatchUrDream
Paris Brushes by JessikaFernandes
Sweet vintage brushes by AmazeedVeeHudgens
Tree Silhouette Brushes by kuschelirmel-stock
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